At Modern Homestead we help people create low-maintenance, regenerative and food productive properties. We believe that every property can be a “homestead”, no matter the size. We work with our clients to design and build gardens and stonework that are productive and ecological. In all of our stone design and work we use locally quarried and recycled stone and build using as minimal concrete as possible. We believe in creating beautiful gardens, relocalizing food, regenerating the land and creating resiliency in our communities.

We are excited to help you bring your landscape into its full potential!


Permaculture is a lense through which we see the world–looking at problems and seeing how they can be turned into solutions. It is a design process that it is applicable in any landscape or garden with any goals or objectives.

Permaculture is grounded in the resilient diversity of natural ecosystem, looking to the natural world as the model for how ecosystems work and thrive. In order for us to design systems based on natural models, we have to see ourselves as part of the natural world and form a deeper understanding of how these systems that we depend on work.

More than being sustainable, permaculture is regenerative design. Sustainability is about keeping things as they are and trying to not let them get worse, but to regenerate is to make something better, setting up systems that if walked away from, they would still be productive. By creating beneficial relationships that stack multiple functions, health is restored while at the same time we gain valuable yields.

In our culture, being “eco” or “green” is centered around a philosophy to make less of an impact, to do less harm. In this ideology, if the end goal is to have as little impact as possible, it would be better to not exist. This creates a dangerous and unproductive base from which humans interact with their environment and each other. Instead, permaculture depends on our ability to do good, our ability to be healing forces for the planet and communities. Then all of sudden our focus shifts and having an impact is our goal, footprint becomes something we want to leave.