Our Work

From design to plants, stonework, earthworks and garden care, we have you covered! We work on all sized projects, from designing window boxes to stone projects, from urban gardens to farm scale projects. Here are a few examples of our work from this last season, stay tuned for a photo update of our work in early summer! 


Stonework and Alternative building

We specialize in designing and building beautiful stone work that highlights the surrounding landscape. We do walls, structures and flatwork. Our stone work is founded on the same permaculture principles as our gardens work. We approach every stone job ecologically, by working with and highlight the surrounding landscape, building our walls either dry stack or using very limited concrete, only sourcing stone that was quarried in New England and using recycled stone as much as possible. We believe stone is a beautiful and natural building material and we build to last, combining functionality with form. Alongside our stone work we are also very interested in alternative building techniques, like the below earth bag root cellar. Here are some in progress photos of an earth bag root cellar we designed and built as well as the stone wall / entry into the cellar. Project is still under construction, when finished, the stone wall will arch over the door creating a semi circle top and the root cellar will be fully buried in the hillside, a little hobbit hole for storage crops! (check back this spring to see the finished project).

edited options for website-7640.jpg

Plants and garden care

We do plantings of all sizes, as well as maintenance and garden care. Many of the plants we use come from our own nursery, the rest we source from quality nurseries that are committed to our vision for edible and ecological home landscapes. Check out our services page to learn more about how we can help you with your homestead!