We off services from design all the way through installation. At this property we designed and installed plants and various hardscapes of stone and wood. A cedar fence was installed on the northern boundary, creating more privacy. The orchard along fencing creates additional privacy and provides edible fruit and creates habitat for wildlife. The orchard is underplanted with a diverse mix of herbaceous perennials that provide food and attract beneficial insects for disease control and pollination. Initially, these perennials will be full sun, but as the orchard matures and canopy expands, they will be replaced with more shade perennials. A cedar timber raised bed built on the southern side of the shed, providing a dedicated space for growing annual vegetables. An elevated rain barrel installed behind the raised bed stores rain water collected from the shed roof for irrigation of the annual vegetables. A custom designed and built cedar bench and granite fire pit added to the patio enhances this social space of the property.